IoTeX Delegate

CapitalMu is IoTeX’s strategic partner and academic collaborator, our university-based research and devlopment team is committed to contribute to IoTeX community diversity and ecosystem maturity.

Who are we?

We are a research team based in the National University of Singapore, consists of professor, financial industry practitioner, lecturer, researcher, and developers.

Our main research and development interests are:

  • Quantitative Finance: Market Sentiment Analysis, Machine learning and AI, Algorithmic trading strategies, derivative products, on both traditional financial market and cryptocurrency
  • Blockchain Technology and Its Applications: Token economics, Blockchain applications in financial industry and emerging markets, Blockchain technology for a smart nation, where IoT plays an extremely critical role.

Why are we running for IoTeX Delegate?

We have been working closely with IoTeX team since its inception. We have been contributing to the project on

[-] Blockchain technology reasearch and development
[-] Establishing developer community via school seminars and initiating student association on blockchain technology
[-] Helping IoTeX adoption with Southeast Asia partners in various industry

Through the close collaboration, we have witnessed IoTeX’s unparalleled strength both in technology and long-term strategies.

IoTeX Mainnet is one of watersheds that further differentiate IoTex with others, we would like to participate as a Consensus Delegate to contribute more to the project, and to further strengthen the IoTeX Network.

Our Service and Hardware

We are dedicated to make improvement to IoTeX and its ecosystem. The node-running test has been conducted and related details have been recorded and analyzed to ensure the robustness of Mainnet.

We commit
[-] 247 technical support
[-] Solid techincal team to ensure the operation
[-] Real-time report including various indicators for Node
[-] 99.9% server up time with server failover, won’t miss any block
[-] Work closely with IoTeX team, keep up with latest development and upgrades
[-] Voter rewards will be accurately distributed in a timely manner

Our main server
[-] CPU: 2x10-CORE
[-] Memory: 128G RAM
[-] Harddisk: 4T SSD
[-] GPGPU: NVIDIA Tesla V100 PCI-E 3.0
[-] Operating System: Debian 9 Stretch

How we distribute delegate bonus reward

[-] 80% will be distributed to our voters
[-] 10% hardware and operation cost
[-] 10% incentize IoTeX related research, developer community and student association for ecosystem establishment.

Vote for us - for a better IoTeX ecosystem

CapitalMu telegram group: