IoTeX Delegate

CapitalMu is IoTeX’s strategic partner and academic collaborator, our university-based research and devlopment team is committed to contribute to IoTeX community diversity and ecosystem maturity.

Who are we?

We are a research team based in the National University of Singapore, consists of professor, financial industry practitioner, lecturer, researcher, and developers.

Our main research and development interests are:

  • Quantitative Finance: Market Sentiment Analysis, Machine learning and AI, Algorithmic trading strategies, derivative products, on both traditional financial market and cryptocurrency
  • Blockchain Technology and Its Applications: Token economics, Blockchain applications in financial industry and emerging markets, Blockchain technology for a smart nation, where IoT plays an extremely critical role.

[-] Blockchain technology reasearch and development [-] Establishing developer community via school seminars and initiating student association on blockchain technology [-] Helping IoTeX adoption with Southeast Asia partners in various industry

Through the close collaboration, we have witnessed IoTeX’s unparalleled strength both in technology and long-term strategies.

IoTeX Mainnet is one of watersheds that further differentiate IoTex with others, we would like to participate as a Consensus Delegate to contribute more to the project, and to further strengthen the IoTeX Network.

We commit [-] 24/7 technical support [-] Solid techincal team to ensure the operation [-] Real-time report including various indicators for Node [-] 99.9% server up time with server failover, won’t miss any block [-] Work closely with IoTeX team, keep up with latest development and upgrades [-] Voter rewards will be accurately distributed in a timely manner

Our main server [-] CPU: 2x10-CORE [-] Memory: 128G RAM [-] Harddisk: 4T SSD [-] GPGPU: NVIDIA Tesla V100 PCI-E 3.0 [-] Operating System: Debian 9 Stretch

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